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DOE Outreach Project

The goal of the DOE Outreach Project is to:
  • Foster the identification and application of innovative technologies for LLNL site restoration work and transfer proven technologies and processes to other DOE facilities. Direct and coordinate new initiatives and outreach.

The Environmental Restoration Division's recent and ongoing California and federal groundwater and surface water resource management projects includes:

California Water Resources

  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank Historical Case Analysis
    • Utilized multi University of California campus collaboration
    • Provided State with data to make tank cleanup priority decisions
  • MTBE Lab and Field Studies
    • Utilized multi University of California campus collaboration
    • Filled important data gaps in MTBE knowledge
    • Evaluated the behavior of MTBE plumes relative to benzene
    • Evaluated the analytical methods that should be used to measure MTBE in groundwater
    • Identified the conditions where MTBE may degrade in groundwater
    • Dr. Anne Happel appointed to US EPA MTBE Blue Ribbon Panel
  • MTBE Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment Tools
    • Developed the Geographic Environmental Information Management System (GEIMS), and the GeoTracker groundwater vulnerability assessment tool (
    • Implementing the use of stable isotope measurements to identify vulnerable groundwater resources
  • Assessment of Ground and Surface Water Impacts Associated with the Use of Ethanol as a Fuel Oxygenate (
    • Identified key knowledge gaps and started systematic "life-cycle" approach to understand the environmental consequences of fuel oxygenate choices
    • Coordinated the preparation of the full ethanol assessment report to California Environmental Policy Council as required by Gov. Executive Order.
    • Implementing a research agenda to fill knowledge gaps
    • Participate in controlled release of gasoline containing ethanol
  • Lake Davis risk and sampling evaluations
    • Support to the City of Portola regarding the impact of the poisoning of Lake Davis to eradicate Northern Pike
  • Support in the public interest to the Cities of San Francisco and Oakland regarding the impact of dioxins to the Bay Area
    • At the request of the Mayors of San Francisco and Oakland
  • Support to Calif. Dept Toxic Substances Control in reviewing Stringfellow Project
  • Review of Environmental Technologies for Calif. State Environmental Technology Certification Project

Cleanup of Federal Facilities

  • Army Industrial Operations Command Sampling and Cleanup Optimization
    • Demonstrating cost effective sampling techniques and tools
    • Implementation of web-based environmental cleanup decision making tool box
  • Historical Case Analysis of Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compound Plumes
    • Formed partnership among DOE, DOD, Interstate Technology and Regulatory Cooperation Working Group Member States, and Industry
    • A number of significant questions regarding CVOC plume behavior addressed including:
      • Behavior of daughter product plumes
      • Presence of dense non-aqueous phase liquid CVOCs
      • Evidence of transformation processes
    • Performed web-based training of ITRC regulators
  • Demonstration of Cost Effective Sampling Algorithm
  • Edwards AFB deployment of Capacitive Reductive Dehalogenation technology
  • Argonne National Laboratory clean-up review
  • Stanford Linear Accelerator Center data review
  • Ecological assessment of fuels impacts
  • Savannah River Technology Center implementation of well sampling waste reduction technologies
  • Evaluation of water and environmental security issues

Industry Water Issues

  • Water clean-up technologies:Shipley, Inc.
  • PuriNox fuel environmental review: Lubrizol

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